Do you know that 48% of entrepreneurs never follow up a prospect, 25% of entrepreneurs make a second contact and stop. 12% make 3 contacts and stop and only 10% makes more than 3 contacts

Follow up is the greatest sales secret ever, you must follow up in such a way that your prospect will respect you and even chase after you for to purchase your product and service but only if you are creative. In my 5 P’s of generating high business revenue, one of the P’s stands for PRESSURE. actually pressure means follow up

But follow up will never look like pressure if you learn to use the follow up tools of the 21st century to follow up a prospect.
Irrespective of how good your sales pitch is, or how wonderful your product is if you cant follow up it will never sell.
why should you follow up

1. it shows you are committed to the prospect and his success
2. it shows you are organized and structured
3. it shows you are completely convinced about the value of your product

Note that

2 percent of sales are made on 1st contact
3 percent of sales are made on the second contact
5 percent of sales are made on the third contact
10 percent of sales are made on the fourth contact

because of this stat I personally developed a 365 day creative follow up plan and it works like MIRACLE… click the link and join the sales Facebook community STAND OUT SALES UNIVERSITY┬áto understand the five pillars of revenue generation for any business PITCH, PROSPECT, PRESSURE, PHONE, “PLOSE”… join and enjoy the full support of other sales professional in the community
I hope this helps
your friend in sales

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