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Falohun Itunuoluwa seun is the founder of STAND OUT GROUP.  Stand out group is a conglomerate of

Stand out Leadership School an Academic training organizations that help ordinary students become extraordinary leaders in the first 90 days of working with them through our books and audio materials. further details can be seen here. Stand Out leadership school also organizes conferences for young leaders tagged NATIONAL LEADERS FORUM yearly to exhibit leadership values of young leaders through the participants performance and community project initiatives.

Stand Out Sales University is a support group built on Facebook to help entrepreneurs, start ups, sales people to generate between 50-150 percent increase in their sales revenue through my training technologies in forms of audio, videos, strategy sessions and mastermind designed with my 5 pillars of revenue generation PITCH, PROSPECTS, PRESSURE, PHONE, and “PLOSE” in mind.

Falohun Itunuoluwa Seun  launched myself into business at age 25 when I took over the administration of Steve-Unic Academy (my mum’s school), i was saddled with the responsibility of debt recovery, branding of the organization, staff recruitment, account system design, getting of new customers through a well defined entry points, referral system, well defined communication system, and many more). I re-branded the school by enrolling into a 4 day business development training, which enabled me develop a compelling sales pitch, to attract leads and convert them into paying clients, i also enrolled to Cardone University to understand the sales process and apply it to my business.

This initiative got me to attract and convert over 150 students in just one organized event called Stand Out Leadership School, the school now has an identity in diction and public speaking with over 3500 international training videos installed in its language laboratory to train students and teachers in phonetics and diction speaking as to continue the school’s brand.

This turnaround in the fortune of the school caused me to establish the Stand Out sales university and stand Out Leadership School for business professionals and students respectively. The Stand Out Leadership school has trained over 2000 students through her books and programmes.


Falohun Itunuoluwa Seun

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