Our School training topics are focused on our books which is written to stimulate the Academic mindset of each learner into Outstanding academic Leadership.

Our Training titles includes

1. Understanding and demonstrating your leadership influence

2. Handling Academic Failure

3. How to Develop a sharp and Retentive memory

4. Lets talk about Sex

5. Keys to getting Admission Faster

Our Academic training is built on helping students become Academic Leaders through our books and audio programmes achievable in our first 90 days of working with them.


Some of our books include


KEYS cover

Keys to getting admission faster was born out of the mentorship class i had with the young leaders at my church Hope Christian Center, this resulted in many of the young leaders making their SSCE at one sitting and gaining admission immediately, irrespective of the school they went to either private secondary or public secondary. the need to believe in its possibility is crucial, but faith without action will lead to frustration, each chapter addresses issues of finding a why for your admission, choosing a course that best suits your intelligence, understanding the place of diligence and also easy alternative courses that goes along with your intelligence. the principle in this book is guaranteed to give you admission fast once you apply it.





Understanding and Maximizing cover

This book was written to train young leaders in understanding leadership, from a practical perspective, it teaches from the understanding of what leadership means, definition of leadership, what makes people around call some others leaders, global leadership and practical examples of projects to demonstrate leadership..



The mission of stand out group is to help youth in the discovery of those abilities and create an atmosphere where those abilities can be built, enhanced, sharpened and multiplied. To raise up the standard by the exemplary display of good character and responsibility among the young generation To look beyond the young years and take up challenging responsibilities at a tender age, breaking records and daring tasks through the virtues of been supernaturally creative to bring out the hidden man in the heart of every youth. To work in partnership with the direction of the Holyspirit for Service and Love.


visit       to see pictures of schools that we have visited to give these great talks..


some of them include HONEYLAND SCHOOLS Click to see pictures

HALL OF FAME ACADEMY Click to see pictures


and many more…….




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