Let’s face it, you are not happy with the response of your staffs to the school growth direction of your school, and you have tried all you can to motivate them to respond and still, they aren’t responding.

This situation can be very annoying I know, I told you that my mother owns a school and she faced the same challenge in her school too, but that’s all in the past now as staffs willingly refer students.

I was with a school owner once who was willing to give staffs up too 50,000 Naira if they refer students to the school. When He said this, I jumped to ask him how many people had referred students to the school. To my greatest shock and disappointment, he said NONE.

What is the root cause of this?

  1. Staffs are not marketers: – You need to understand that your staffs are employed primarily to teach, this is their thinking when they are employed. So telling them about bringing students to your school is very strange to the hears, infact the believe they have enough workload already, and probably they are thinking of a better offer somewhere else, the song of school growth you are singing to their hearing is very strange, that is how they view it, and because you don’t know this, andYou have not estimated this response, you are not patient enough to take them through the needed process to achieve this. You are even assuming that they are wicked and don’t care about your school. There is a way to overcome this, read on.


  1. No clear training on how to: – Because your staffs are not marketers, they need to be trained repeatedly on how to creatively benefit from the rewards you have put in place to help the school reach its target numbers, training staffs on how to do it goes beyond telling them “just bring in student and i will give you this amount” that formular alone cant work. So staffs must be consciously trained on how to do it with ease.


  1. Unfulfilled promises: – When I consulted for my mother’s school, I asked them the reason why the staffs were not referring. They mentioned to me that the school once promised them some rewards for referrals and they never fulfilled it. As school owners, i jnow you are extremely busy, i agree with you on this, however, one or two unkept promises could be affecting the morale of your staffs from referring children to your school.


  1. Manner of approach: – Schools with great and cordial relationship with teachers enjoy more student referrals even without the school owners rewarding the staffs for referral. This has to do with how the school owner corrects the staffs, manner of approach in addressing the staffs and also appreciating the staffs for their efforts. The simple rule to this is to sincerely complement your staffs publicly and correct them privately. You need to raise leaders in your school not just followers, and your manner of approach is what determines if they become leaders or followers.


  1. No clear School target: – Teachers don’t even have an Idea of the number of students we must get into the school by new session. Some teacher’s don’t even know the actual number of the current number of students they have in the school, and dont have a sense of direction and matter of urgency why that number should be doubled. In setting a clear target, a number must be picked and used to drive staff meetings, parent’s gatherings and assembly prayers.


  1. No clear target given to staff:- Staffs are part of the school and the growth of the school directly affects them, in order to meet the school target, staff should be given the necessary tools that will help them nominate people around them to come for the school. The number of people expected to be nominated should also be given to the staffs. E.g Four nominations every term.


  1. No clear performance parameters: – How do you measure your staff’s performance every term. Most school reward staffs based on longevity alone, they base salary increase based on longevity, and this naturally breeds an environment of complacency. Longevity is very good but is just one of the performance parameters you must employ. Performance parameters should be based on Numbers of improved students, Numbers of Referred students, Attitude to work and punctuality. I have this clear performance drawn out and how to calculate it for each term.


  1. Lack of tools for referring: – Create tools to make referrals easy, some of the tools include, Schorlarship nomination forms, events coming up in your school at a particular period in time. These tools are much more important than the reward system you have put in place.


  1. Enforce it and lead by example: – Enforce the students registration by giving them the tools at a particular period of time and demanding that the forms be returned at a particular period of time, for example you tell them nominate four students to this school, thiIsrael four nomination for s per each staff, I’ll be collecting it back by 8th week or submit your forms to the Head teacher. As the leader of the school, lead by example by nominating four also.



  1. Lack of a good record system:– Keep records of each nomination. Who nominated who. So you can easily reward the when the time is due.



So rewarding staffs isn’t just the answer it’s bigger than that. When you get this right, you’ll see a steady referral to your school, consistently and constantly.


When you start working with me, I come in house to have a 3 hour Staff workshop that will help you hit your student number target with ease, and how you apply this measurement parameters to enable you hit your student number target


I hope this helps



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