Walking down to the gate of this school, I saw the school and became so enthusiastic about the prospect of making the school one of my client base. I submitted my proposal and we got into a very impressive discussion about my 5 steps to growing a school in the 21st century.

I practically explained how my steps is positioned to help the attract between 150-220 new students to their school without using handbills. They got excited about the plan and decided that they will start up with me the next day.

I made a follow up call the next day and they immediately said, they had a change in the way they were going to pay me and that they have structured the payment to 2000 per every child brought in by my idea, they said they would give me all the necessary tools including handbills and once the children begin to come in, they will reward me accordingly.

I laughed and that when I told them, they were chatting a course that will definitely lead to disappointment.

I am not just a school consultant, I am technically a school owner, I repeatedly say this that this school growth method is a timeless approach to growing any school in any kind of economy, in any kind of environment, in any kind of location with any kind of parents. I know you are thinking if this is true…


My mum used to run a school which had all kinds of things wrong with it, her school as my spring board to project this clear and new way of marketing a school.


From my observation, School owners concentrate 90% percent of their effort on things that they should never be involved in. On things that should be delegated creatively. School owners then leave 10% of their School growth to God, Handbills, Luck and Chance.


Hello School Owner, no one can market your school for you, except you, all the instruments of marketing you need is already residing in your school already, infact do you know 90% of school growth takes place through your Staffs and parents? Only 10%’of school growth takes place from Handbills, banners and billboards. This serves mostly for either school branding and advertising, rather than it having a direct effect on growth.


So market your school through your


  1. Value driven events:- Create events that motivate parents and staffs to talk about the values of your school. Create such events termly. Note these events goes far beyond cultural day, excursions, colour day, professional day and the likes.mthis value driven events are specific to the values you’d like to see every child that passes through your school possess.


  1. Current parents:- Identify those that have the love of your school at heart, and create a VIP platform for them with great rewards when they refer students to your school. You might havethis already and you saybut theymare not responding to it. See create strategic event that will activate their response to it, send news letter to them repeatedly talking about it, send referrals letters to them asking them to help you feel the details of their families and friends who can benefit from what you are doing in the school.


  1. Current Staffs:- Much of staff referral is activated through training on how to do it, encouraging words, set target, performance parameters, and enforcing a target per staff. Notice i didnt talk about rewards here. School owners make the mistake of thinking only rewards motivate staffs, NO. you need more than rewards, you need to have a complete system of assessing the value of the staffs to the organization, and enforcing a target number per staff per term. (More on that on how to convince your staffs to partner with you and register more students). The bigger the number of staffs you have, the bigger the registration potential of you school.

I can help you structure out a plan that will conveniently and consistently market your school without using handbills, or an external marketer. I know how the school system works.

call RUTH on 09067027539

Lets get started

I hope this helps


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