Video is the language of 21 st century, students of today learn faster with videos and pictures the reason been because, we now live in a very graphic world. Children watch movies and high quality cartoons on their LCD and LED TV’s. Some even have gadgets in their parents cars to watch movies.

If you go to the cinemas you’ll see that children movies are out and many parents are taking their children to watch movies at the cinemas.

The sad thing about this truth is many school owners haven’t seen this as a very strong marketing tool in building their school curriculum using video resources which are numerous online. Many school owners still assume that the video resources available are just the ones for nursery level.

The internet has made assess to thousands of video available for almost free.

The challenge every school owner has now is creating the time to download and arrange this videos according to the SCHOOL’S curriculum and classes. But I must tell you that video resources are available for every class (Creche to secondary) and for every subject. So how do you go about getting them


  1. Get them online:- The Internet is a free market, if you can search creatively, you’ll get what you need. The only problem of going at it yourself is that you’ll spend a lot of hours downloading unrelevant resources before you find one or two very good and HELPFULL ones. If you can create between 6-8 hours every day searching and you can do this constantly and consistently for 3-4 months, you might be able to locate 150-200 usefull videos, plus you have to have a lot of Gigabytes subscription.
  1. Get them from me:- I have gotten through that hassle and I just described how long it took me to locate some of the very usefull videos I have, and trust me when it comes to searching the internet for good sturvs, I know I am a guru, and it took me that long, so let say you are not that internet sound, it will definately take you longer. In order to avoid that, when you pay for my school growth training, I give you few of these videovisa bonus and teach you how to start using them. Then if you want my 200 plus videos with over 40 hours of academic learning and activity you can click here for more details

How to use these videos. (at primary level)

  1. During School (Once a week) :- Create a room in your school where these video materials can easily be placed and displayed and fix it into the time table of the school. If you are running a primary school run them through the video lessons at least once a week, you can pick a day like Wednesday by 2pm-3:30pm. If you are low on budget, get a flat screen monitor and connect the computer to your CPU, load the videos in it and display the video content once every week as recommended.
  1. During classes (Every day):- If you have a bigger budget, get flat screen tv into each class, or a complete computer, then load the videos into the CPU and instruct the teachers to show them relevant videos to relevant topics at a particular period in time during the day.
  1. During student Targetted strategic event ( 1 hr timing):- Create student Targetted strategic event, and create a time during these event, Maximum of one hour where students, watch different varieties of this e-learning videos, this will help get the word of mouth marketing of your school out there.
  1. Use it to support not just to teach:- Use these E-Learning as a supporting tool and not as a teaching tool, this means, the E-learning video doesnt replace the teacher in any way, the teacher still pauses the video at some point and explain some point to the students, lr make some of the point relevant to he Nigerian context.

How to use the E-Learning video at Secondary level

At secondary level, i advice you instruct the teachers to use it as teaching aid, the teachers should take each of their students there to watch relevant videos at least three times every term, you can alsomput in their computers in the computer room and tell the students to go in there to access it at their convenience.

The greatest challenge to the use E-Learning is PHCN so navigate that by either picking a day in the week where every class go to the E-Learning room to learn, or pick a particular hour when the generator will be switched on to access the E-learning, or they can go with the flow (only relevant if you have computer in each class), once the generator is on they can take advantage of that by using it to explain relevant topics to the class pupils.

Once we start working together I’ll give you some of these E-Learning videos as a bonus a material so you can start exciting your students. Call RUTH on 09067027539 to start today.

I hope this helps



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