Are you thinking of sharing handbills again to grow your school, please don’t do it. You and I know that Handbills have failed, a school that lacks creativity can never break through the noise to grow today, there so much schools everywhere, with a lot of schools springing up on a daily basis. You must get creative and extremely intentional when it comes to growing your school.

Imagine yourself as a parent walking done the streets and you immediately see people dancing and sharing handbills to come to their school. Most parents just collect the handbills out of respect to the person sharing it. Handbill sharing is more of school awareness rather than growth. Handbill does not directly impact school growth in any way.


Someone once worked into my office while I was administering my mothers school and told me that for every 1000 handbills shared, you are sure to get 25 students. That’s a 0.025% retention of student for every 1000 handbills, and that if the statement is true, which I doubt it, even If the statement is true, how many school create time to give out 1000 handbills, termly. Well I must say its a game of chance and the result cannot directly be monitored.


So many school handbills potray the same message, good and qualified teachers, conducive environment for learning, big and spacious classrooms, modern day equipments and others.


Let me tell you the truth, parents are not looking for only these things, they are looking for delivery, and it has been proven time and time again that some schools that don’t have up to these equipments are delivering even more than the school that have. So get creative on how you market your school.


What do you do instead of sharing handbills


  1. Create free Parent Tagetted events:- The principle of growth in any business is always to give something of great value, in order to get same in return, in business this is called the law of reciprocity. Create event that will directly impact on your parents and new parents that will get them excited to talk about your school and bring new people to your school


  1. Create free Student Targetted events:- Create students targetted event that will direcly impact on your prospective student and give them a reason to choose your school over their current school or over another school.


  1. Create materials to drive traffic towards the events:- Create materials and invitations that will help create an unending traffic towards the events. Distribute these materials strategically and collect each data that the invitations generates e.g phone numbers. Have a follow up plan for the collated data so you can monitor attendance to the collated data.


It’s the 21st century and you should be projecting what makes your school different and selling it consistently I can help you achieve it with ease. Call RUTH on 09067027539 and let us start today.


I hope this helps



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