real madrid#salesmastery


It’s easier to win than to loose


This night I watched how Atletico Madrid played and I saw that the reason they failed isn’t because they didn’t play well but or because Zinedine Zidane is exceptional, no its because there is a strong winning mindset in the real Madrid camp.. In fact winning isn’t just a mindset it is a culture now for the after winning 11 champions league..

For the records, this is the third champion’s league final for Atleti and they haven’t won any why, it isn’t because they are not good but they just need a first win to break the mindset and get them to form a culture of winning the champions league final…. SEVILLA BEAT LIVERPOOL ON WEDNESDAY USING THIS SAME PRINCIPLE


As a guy that loves sales, I can tell you the first time I received 10 thousand naira for speaking at an event, after I had given over 1000 talks for free… that money no matter how little it was, it was golden, it was a light bulb moment that broke my mindset on the possibility of making money from what I can as well do for free


What’s the take home?


  1. Your first win is the most important win after that winning becomes easier
  2. I can tell you from experience that it’s much easier to succeed and meet sales target than to fail, the first one is the hardest.
  3. Commit to taking massive actions and maximize your little wins…
  4. The ones that succeeds are still the ones succeeding, you just need your first break through to understand that
  5. If you have a team, give them a mindset hack (daily confessions (I can words) for you and your team) so they won’t bring a failure history into your camp and become a weak link….

I created a facebook group that can help you hit your first win click the link and join the sales Facebook community STAND OUT SALES UNIVERSITY to understand the five pillars of revenue generation for any business PITCH, PROSPECT, PRESSURE, PHONE, “PLOSE”… join and enjoy the full support of other sales professional in the community

I hope this helps

Falohun Itunu

Your friend in sales

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