how i broke through

I launched myself into business when I took over the administration of my mum’s school (I from my work resigned to take full charge), the school wasn’t doing well when I took over, debt everywhere, plus the school had no particular identity, all kind of parents in it, the school couldn’t even pay me a decent income… Mum tried but never trained in business (she trained in education, had all the certificate) but qualification is not a proof of knowing how to run a business… In 8 years of existence she never pulled out a profit until I came on board.. Let me outline how I broke-through.

TRAIN FIRST:- A man named Mr Seyi approached me that I should get trained on how I can grow my business especially sales he said its was worth 62k… 62k I thought, for what? He gave me the options of paying three times and gave me his ironclad guarantee (HE DIDN’T DISCOUNT, DISCOUNT LOWERS BRAND VALUE IN PROSPECTS MIND) I got sold, paid in full and started the 3days training with 15 others.. Day 1:- Power of a Unique Selling Proposition Day 2:- Lead Generation 1 Day 3:- Lead Generation 2… I was blown away. If you don’t train you’ll loose more money through ignorance.. (10k here, 5k there, 25k there), on trial and error tactics won’t amount to anything…

COMMIT NEXT:- MASSIVE GUT PROVOKED RUTHLESS EXECUTION CLAIM.. I developed my school’s U.S.P to (“GIVE ME YOUR CHILD and I WILL GIVE YOU AN ACADEMIC LEADER, PUBLIC SPEAKER WITH CLEAR DICTION IN 90DAYS (1 term), THAT WILL MAKE OTHER PARENTS ENVY YOU). Didn’t know how but I wrote what I love to do and see everychild do (I love to speak and write), so I put it out there as a packaged statement….

FIGURE LATER:- I had to look for materials, so I went online and replaced all our local visual materials with British and USA video taught materials. Replaced the Nigerian Diction teacher with Teacher Barbara( A video Diction Instructor from U.S.A), created a STUDIO ROOM (language laboratory), I had committed myself I had to figure out How, I did because I put myself on pressure. I spent over 1300 hours online and a lump sum buying the videos

LEAD BY EXAMPLE:- I had to start speaking to the students consistently (In diction remember) so I had to watch the video and get trained myself… Once I understood it, speaking it became easy, instead of forming it, I just said it, strange at first but got it in the long run… So now how do I get the staffs buy in

BUY IN::- Business is about getting the people that believe what you believe to come around you and selling becomes easy…. So some staffs had to go (by choice or by force), some went by choice.. Those that stayed had to speak in diction, cos I was speaking already…. The parents that didn’t see diction as important also left and I saw a change in parent composition, people withdrew their kids from very very expensive school to mine… (I was shocked)… (Now am planning on increasing my fees), and when I ask why did you change your child they say (I saw the way a child in your school was speaking and I was impressed)

CONTINUE TRAINING:- Since then my training investment budget goes for 50percent on business trainings (sales process, cashflow management, debt recovery e.t.c) and 50 percent on expertise (teacher training, classroom management, phonics training e.t.c) thanks to my instructors… Still learning today…

After one year the school is on Autopilot and I can I tell you that investing in understanding the sales process is the best Investment you can ever make if you are going into business…


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I hope this helps
Your Friend in Sales

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